Friday, January 9, 2015

Mission Tour with Hamiltons

We started our mission tour the last week of November and the second week in December.  We had to split it up because of Hamiltons schedule. So we started in Kinshasa with the seven zones combining the smaller zones so that it only took 4 days! Here are some of the Zones in Kinshasa 
II started Zone conference first. I had decided to do a silent lesson ( which was good for me since it couldn't do it in french)!!!  I wanted to talk about time management and how to utilize every moment on our mission.  I showed a glass jar that represented one day in our life. I had 7-8 larger rocks that I placed inside the jar each rock representing things that are important that have to be done everyday in the life of a missionary. Bryce helped me by holding the signs that explained the lesson. I then held a card up that asked" Is the jar full?"  Many missionaries shook their heads yes.  I then brought out a jar filled with small pebbles and said they represent the smaller things that they do that have a powerful effect on our mission work. I then poured the pebbles in the jar. The pebbles fell into the jar and filled in the holes the rocks had left. Then asked if the jar was full?  I then had sand that I pour into the jar that filled all the spaces still left open. The sand represents the little things of service that you do for your companion, for your investagors !  Then I asked if the jar was full?  I told them time is our Hevenly Father's gift to us. Is their jars full? It turned out really good. They got the message!
Elder and Sister Hamilton taught us well.  Elder Hamilton taught how to ask Inspired Question. And Sister Hamilton talked on Christlike Attributes.
President Cook taught about pick out one of their investagators in their Area Book and go back and teach them.  After being in Kinshasa we flew to Kisingani. Pres. Hamilton wanted to see the Group that was meeting up there to see if they are ready for a branch there.  I loved being with Sister Hamilton she reminds me so much of my friend Michele Brown. It just helps to do these tours with some else who speaks English!
Here is such a good photo of Elder and Sister Hamilton that I need to share we love and appreciate all they taught us on this Mission Tour!
Here's how they carry the charcoal that the people cook their dinners over in their burners.  Amazing!!
When we are waiting for the airplane in Kisingani I thought you would like to see the room we wait in. We call it the red room.  That is fabric on the walls and ceiling ! Haha. Pretty fancy huh?
Then it was off to Kananga to see our 26 Elders there and visit the Stake.  It was close to Christmas so we had alittle Christmas program after Zone Conference.
 These are the socks and ties our Stake at home gave the Missionaries.  We had a wonderful time on our Mission 
Tour with Hamiltons.

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