Saturday, July 27, 2013

 Today was the first baptism that we have been able to attend.  The two gentlemen in the colored shirts are the ones that got baptised.  As they stood in the water I remembered it was probably next week that JC (our grandson)is to be baptised, or soon thereafter. I asked the two, Alexander and Olivier, where there family and friends were?  They said their family had no interest, were discouraging and that they would be the first to join the church and pave the way for other family to come. I told them we were there for them. Today we will stand in for there families. Our JC would understand, he will have lots of family there for him, and in spirit we will be there too!!  Thanks JC for understanding.
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 We stopped in Brazzaville long enough to have Zone Conference and eat with our Elders and Sisters.  Brazzaville is directly across the Congo River from Kinshasa.  When these missionaries come to see us they have to cross the river.  They have the most amazing stories and testimonies.
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This is that same house next to the Elders this lady is burning this log and chipping off the charcoal to burn in that little burner on the ground in front of her.  This is how she would cook her dinner on the burner.  This was such a neat day because we were able to get close to the people and really see Congo
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 Here's one of my favorite pictures.  This lady lived next door to our Elders who weren't home when we came by.  This is how all the mothers carry their babies. They wrap the material around the baby and then around their front.  Isn't this so smart it frees up their arms and hands..but then President Cook pointed out how bad this was on the baby's hips and feet...of course he would notice that.  She and the baby were just darling!!
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 Here are our Elders in Pointe Noire. The Senior couple that helps in this area are Elder and Sister Wheatley from Clinton UT.  They are the best.  They have a lovely home that they rent and it's great when they have r unning water and electricity.  True pioneers.  They were so gracious and we had a wonderful time with some of our American Elders
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 Here in Point Noire we were able to go with the missionaries to visit some less actives we saw these kids playing.  One little girl was needling some string at first I thought she was knitting but it was with one needle. 
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 Here is the church building in Pointe Noire Congo.  Isn't it a lovely church?  In the back of the church is an outdoor basketball court painted bright lime green.  There were some sisters there cleaning the church washing the stone sidewalk with soap and water and a brush.

Here we are at the beach at Pointe Noire looking West towards's not too far??? We had gotten up early and walked on the beach before Zone Conference. You can tell it's early my eyes are hardly opened. 
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 Don't Just Pack it Wear Your Jacket!!!!Our AP's couldn't put on their lifejackets fast enough I guess there are horror stories about people drowning in these boats on the Congo I guess.  This is Elder Kubuya he's a great elder.
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Crossing of the Congo

 This the view of Kinshasa as we were crossing the river to Brazzaville.  We were on our own ski boat and it was July 24 and I just kept thinking I was in a boat on Bear Lake expecting one of the kids riding a wake board behind our boat. The boat trip only lasted about 10 mins. It was crazy leaving the dock in Kinshasa and arriving at the dock in Brazzaville.  Have I said this place is alittle crazy?
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life in Cameroon

How about these Texas Longhorns?  Right in the middle of the road in Douala Cameroon!  They were very skinny!

Here we have your basket-carrying guy! Crazy what they carry on their heads. We are still trying to get a picture of the lady carrying a dozen live chickens on her head!!!  Here's President Cook talking french with the locals in Douala. I think he was telling them they would make great missionaries someday and do they know about the Church of Jesus Christ df Latter-Day Saints? This the bay by Douala that goes out to the ocean.
I saw this lady right outside of our apartment grounding up casava leaves into I don't know what?  It looks like spinach and EVERYONE eats it.  She said I could take her picture.  President Cook is watching how to do this but didn't want to get too close.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our First Trip to Cameroon

Here we are in Yaounde Cameroon with our American missionaries and Elder and Sister Whitesides.  It was so fun to meet these Elders.  Elder and Sister Whitesides are from Layton UT.  How wonderful to have the Whitesides in Yaounde to take care of these Elders for us.  We held a "Meet the President " conference and all the Elders had to tell alittle about themselves and why do they think Heavenly Father sent them to this mission. It was especially wonderful to get to see Elder Zurcher from Providence.  We know him and his family he's our Kjersty's age and went to school with her.  All these Elders looked wonderful and well.  They have very nice and comfortable apartments which made me feel better. the picture looks alittle bright because 10 cameras were going off at the same time.  It looked like the 4th of July!! 
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First Trip to Cameroon

Here we are in Douala Cameroon.  It's about 1 1/2 hour flight from Kinshasa.  We soon found out getting off the plane that Douala (say that three times) was having their rainy, humid and hot weather. Elder and Sister Gailey are our Senior couple here, were wonderful and made us feel right at home.  Sister Gailey is a wonderful cook she made over 100 scones for those Elders and they ate every one of them surprise, surprise !  We have been eating with all of our Senior couples --so much for my Congolese diet!  These are wonderful missionaries they work hard and are so obedient.  Their apartments were great.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Traveling to Zone Conferences

Lots of colorful attire

Heads up for the bread store


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Fifth Zone Conference this week only 6 more to go
This is the Mont Ngafula
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Zone Conferences Begin

This is the Kinshasa Zone, most of the Sister Missionaries are in this zone. Don't ask what their names are.  We can't even pronounce them yet!

Second Zone Mokali

Third Zone Kimbanseke

Fourth Zone Ngaliema

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President Cook welcomed by the office staff

 This is Pascal's son, isn't he darling? They are going to Johannesburg to be sealed this next week. Well, we made it through the first week! We simply follow Aime and go where he tells us to go.  It has been a week to remember.  Meeting all the Elders and Sisters and hearing their stories has been a very humbling experience.  My first tears were shed when the first zone stood and sang the opening hymn.  I couldn't believe the harmony and" gusto" they sang with. It was a primary chorister's dream! I have been writing down all of their testimonies for us so we can learn their names and histories. They are Elders and Sisters of faith, most have lost at least one parent and many have only been a member a short time.

Chapels in Kinshasa

This chapel they call the Nauvoo Temple Chapel.  Can you tell why?  They love Joseph Smith here.  This is on the way to the city from the airport.
Everyone knows about this building. They are even putting new sidewalks in front.  We have to take pictures on the run, but they seem to turn out ok.

We held a zone conference in this third building.  It was the Ngaliema Zone, perhaps that might be the name of the ward.  We are not certain as yet.   While we were waiting for the Elders to get set up for us, Karol found the benches very comfortable and was about ready to curl up take a quick five before they came and put us to work.