Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Mission Home

I thought it might be fun for all of you to see the mission home in Kinshasa!  You will see that it is a lovely retreat from the outside world of Kinshasa!  We are in a building with the mission office, other apartments and the local telephone provider Vodacom.  It is a high rise of about 12 stories and we have windows that go from ceiling to floor to look out on the busy street of 30 June. Yes that is the name of the road.  Some of their roads are named after significant days in history. Here is the view of our building driving up to it on 30 June.
This is the view out of our apartment window looking down on 30 Juin.
There are accidents at this intersection almost daily.  This is what it use to look like before they put in the new road! Total confusion!! So thank you to the Chinese who have been building the new roads!
This is the living room / dining room. This is where we have zone meetings (sometimes) and entertain guests.
Isn't it lovely?!! Next is the kitchen! The next most important room!  It has a real stove and oven!!
The bedroom is next. I love the mattress on this bed almost as much as mine at home! 
II need to show the sewing machine that I was sent to the mission home when we arrived! It says Sew Zebra only in Africa !!
There is a back porch where we keep an extra frig and freezer and washer and dryer!  All the comforts of home!!
Thanks to President and Sister Jameson our front balcony has a wonderful Bar-b-que grill!
Thank you to all former Mission Presidents for adding their touch to the mission home!


  1. Looks nice! You guys are going to miss that view though! Aren't any 30 Junes here. Miss you!

  2. Wow! are you sure you want t come home!? ;)