Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day at the Orphanage

Some of the Senior Missionary Couples decided to provide Christmas for the orphans that we had met before.  This orphanage is run by a lady who is a member of the church.  Elder and Sister Gates donated clothes, shoes, and toys for the 18 children that live there.  Elder and Sister Smith received canned goods from a local food store City Market.  Elder and Sister Sneddons family donated school supplies and 10 benches with desks attached, that are being built for their school that is located next to the orphanage. And we brought the humanitarian boxes  that came in our container.  There were hygiene and school kits for all the children and workers. The night before (Christmas Eve) there was a huge rain and thunderstorm.  You can see all the water that had pooled out front of their sleeping quarters.  The children all climbed up on the top bunks to stay out of the water that had filled up to 2 feet deep. They set up this table on a small piece of relatively dry piece of ground.  

The older boys baled out water in buckets all night long.  There is no where the water can go.  Even by afternoon they were still baling water out of their bunkhouse.  The bunkhouse is lower than the yard so all the water goes right into their sleeping quarters.
Here are the three oldest boys (14-17) they have grown up in the orphanage.  The two on the left are blind but get around amazingly. We brought chicken drumsticks, fries, a roll and cheese puffs.  They thought they had died and gone to heaven and so did we!
We ate inside the school building so we could have privacy from all the neighbors that had gathered around to watch
Here is their school building it has nothing inside but separate rooms with a chalkboard and bare floors the children sit ons...but no longer thanks to the Sneddon family!
Here is President Cook doing his magic tricks with the lighted thumbs.  He had that light going through their ears, mouth and noses.  They were absolutely mesmerized!

I wish this picture was in better focus.  Here are two of the youngest little boys showing off their new outfits.  They were so proud if themselves.  The other children just squeeled as they were getting these clothes on.  The boy with the red shirt, Chance is his name, went right outside and showed all the neighbor kids his new clothes.
The boy on the left has a congenital hip problem.  His hip is completely out of socket so his leg on that side is about 6 inches shorter and but still is able to walk.  Our battery went dead on our camera so we weren't able to photograph the children opening their one small gift of a toy.  Soccer balls were given to the older boys, trucks were given to the younger boys and baby dolls were given to the girls of all ages.  Thanks so much to Elder and Sister Gates who organized this for the rest of us missionaries.  Many tears of joy were shed that days, hugs of thanks were given by all. Singing was their greatest gift to us.  We can't help everyone here in Kinshasa but this day we helped and gave hope to 18 children who had never had Christmas before.  We received more than they did this Christmas Day of 2013.  It will be one we will all remember just how much our Heavenly Father loves all His children everywhere.         Love to All
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Merry Christmas from DRC Kinshasa Mission

 This is our missionaries that are serving in the city of Kinshasa.  It was a beautiful sunny hot day! These are only three of our Senior Couples L to R  Sneddons, Cooks, Smiths, and the Gates.

Here we are celebrating Christmas in Yaounde Cameroon. Elders Roth, Porter and Hunt showed us their talent with Sister Whitesides.  Our Yaounde Elders are showing off their new ties that were given to them from our home stake the River Heights Stake. They were so grateful and wanted everyone in the stake a big "Thank You". Elder and Sister Whitesides are the Best.

Here is about the most Christmas decorations that we saw in Kinshasa
Here are the first Elders that have stayed at the mission home.  They were allowed to stay longer for Elder Bednar.  They are also showing their new Christmas ties!  Notice our first American Elder ever allowed into the DRC Elder Graham.  President Cook was able to get his flight for going home out of the Kinshasa airport so he could be here for Elder Bednar also.
Here are our wonderful Elders serving in Douala Cameroon. Showing their Christmas ties too.  Thanks to Elder and Sister Gailey for all they do for these Elders we couldn't do it without them.
Last but not least a wonderful Christmas Zone Conference was held in Pointe Noire Republic of Congo.  Christmas ties and socks were loved by all.  A big thanks goes out to Elder and Sister Bybee for filling-in at Pointe Noire
Here are Santa's Elves packaging up the socks and ties for all our Elders and scarves for our Sisters.  These are our Assistants and Sister Trainers they are Awesome!!! Thanks for your help.
This was so fun ! Each missionary was given their Christmas gifts(Ties and socks or Scarves) You should have seen their talent show! It was African all the way!!!
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