Friday, September 20, 2013

Our First Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Carl Cook

Here we are the first day of zone conferences - 7 more to go.  This is the Kinshasa zone and the Ngaliema zone.  Look how refreshing the President and I look.  Imagine after two weeks, 8 zone conferences ,a boat trip across the Congo,  6 airports, and 6 airline flights what we looked like.  We had the opportunity this trip to go to Gabon and see our Senior Couple Missionaries the Moody's what an awesome job they are doing to get the church ready to come to Gabon.  The way is preparing for the country to be dedicated for the Gospel.  As we were flying over Gabon ,Bryce leaned over to me and said " I feel like Parley P Pratt going to a new land".  It was so fun to get to know the Cooks they are wonderful people and love missionary work and the gospel.  The people got real use to all the Cook jokes that were given.

14 new Elders and Sisters came in this week.  Here they are eating Jacky's chicken and fries with her famous coleslaw!  Yummy
Here we are at beautiful Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo.  If you didn't know better you would think we were in Cancun or the Cayman Islands!!  We were going to play "where's grandma?"  ( like where's Waldo) I bet you would not say Africa!!  This is where 8 of our American Elders are serving.  As I looked across the ocean "home is that way".

Here are the "Cooks" looking over the beautiful city of Yaounde.  This is the place where Elder Holland dedicated the country of Cameroon for missionary work.

Wherever President Cook goes the kids flock just like the pied piper.  They love to have their pictures taken and then see themselves on the IPad.  This was one of the branches we visited one Sunday
Baptisms are our favorite Saturday activity.  Here are two of our sister missionaries and their new members.  The little girl in front was so sad two weeks ago because she couldn't take the sacrament because she wasn't baptized yet.  She can't wait until tomorrow.