Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Update on the Orphanage

Elder and Sister Gates, Elder and Sister George Smith, Elder and Sister Mark Smith, and Elder and Sister Roy Sneddon have worked and contribute to the orphanage since we were last there. The Sneddon family had desks made for the school and Elder and Sister Gates built and remodel the entire building that houses the children.  A new kitchen with shelves, a retaining wall to prevent the rain from coming into the bedrooms, a new shower and toilet. Storage bins for each child to store their personal items and clothes.  A water tank to store water!  It is amazing! Elder and Sister Gates will attain the Celestial Kingdom for this one thing! God bless the  Gates!!  I will show "Before" pictures.

And now TODAY!!!!!
New mattress and sheets and blankets

torage bins for all the children. Look how happy they are!!!
Outside a retaining wall to prevent the rain going into their rooms!!! And a drain to collect the excess water!
Another wall around the orphanage to protect from others and the walking path that goes by the orphanage!
Stairs to walk down into the grounds
The school desks the Sneddon Family had made for the school!!!
  The water tower for clean water !
Toliet that flushes
Warm showers for the children look how excited they are!
Thank you all especially Elder and Sister Gates for making it possible!!!!!!!! Love you All!