Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Elder Bedar comes to DRCongo and Gabon

It was such an honor to have Elder and Sister Bednar and Elder Carl and Lynette Cook come to our mission.  Not only to have them visit was wonderful but they came to dedicate the country of Gabon to the preaching of the Gospel!  They arrived on Monday at noon with the Bishop and Sister Causse.  We fed them lunch and then went straight into a missionary meeting with all of our Congo Elders and Sister and one American Elder who was going home through Kinshasa Elder Dane Graham.  As you look closely at the pictures you can see his white face among our Congolese missionaries.  This is a first to have an American Elder to ever set foot in Kinshasa.  But President Cook worked it out for him to pass through DRC on his way home to the USA. Elder Bednar taught us how important that we need to learn from the Holy Ghost.  That we need to participate in the learning process by coming prepared to be taught by the Spirit.  Questions we're ask by the missionaries and Elder Bednar directed the discuss for three hours.  It was amazing.  Following this meeting Elder Bednar met with the seven Stake Presidents from Kinshasa and directed the discussion.  
 He is a marvelous teacher.  We then left the next morning for Gabon to meet up with our Senior Couple missionary Elder and Sister Michael Moody who have done so much to get Gabon ready for this event.  Miracle after miracle has happened to get this dedication done by Elder Bednar.  The dedication was in an Arboreum in Libreville, Gabon.  We walked for about ten minutes in to this beautiful grove until we came to the huge tree that was about 150 years old.  Just as Elder Bednar was getting ready to start the prayer the sunlight broke through the trees and shone directly on him.  It was a scene from the Sacred Grove.  Other than the mosquitoes everything was perfect.  Once in a lifetime event.   We were honored to have been witnesses to such a sacred moment in history of the Church.
The other news this month was thatBishop Bishop came to visit us in Africa.  President Cook said what a great bishop he isto come all the way to Africa for tithing settlement.  The Sneddons and us expecially enjoyed all the " good news "from home.  In this picture with Bishop Bishop is one of our Assistant fromMadagascar and the other gentleman is one of our office assistants Aime Ngoy.  He andhis wife had a baby girl last week so out came the knitting needles and crochet hooks tomake alittle something for Ariane
Wishing one and all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!