Sunday, June 30, 2013

This is Elder Gates who is serving in the building training program for the returned missionaries.  He's holding the cutest member of the Kinshasa ward. Is she the cutest? And that hat is unpack those knitting needles!!!
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Transfer Time

 This is the Kinshasa Temple Site and Kinshasa Stake Center.  Here we are with President Brent and Lorraine Jameson with the two Assistants Elder Kabuya and Elder Mpungu.

Our first day here, first African-Congo Sacrament Mtg. first time to hear these beautiful people sing, ride in traffic,and first opportunity to discourse in French.

  We were welcomed most graciously and tears were shed by all  saying good-bye to Jamesons(we were the ones crying the hardest).  They have done a wonderful job- true pioneers! Best wishes in their new assignments.  They not only prepared the church and missionaries but they were instrumental in preparing us. In spite of their expert abilities, there remains a huge learning curve.  Looking forward to day two!!!
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Meeting Our First Missionaries

Elder Leavitt, Elder Johnson, and Elder Brockbank. We promised to take care of each other

President and Sister Cook, while most could identify their mission with one finger, it took us six!
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Karols Tutor and Adopted Return Missionary....Peydon McRoberts

Karol is thumbs up for the Congo
We have had lots of wonderful help from many volunteers


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Family Farwell

All the family gathered for a wedding  and for a farewell

Missionary Work and the Atonement

When speaking at the "Sons of Helman" tri-stake conclave we used this video that has given us some encouragement about doing hard things

Pre-mission Preparations

Alexandre one of many volunteers
We have taken advantage of skyping three times a week since December with wonderful language tutors.  Payton McRoberts has been our primary contact, however numerous volunteers from Oregon to Montreal have assisted in helping exploit our french language capabilities.  They have demonstrated extreme patients and have been very kind as we are dusting off the cobwebs of our memory. We are able to spend portions of three weeks in the MTC since December in the Immersion Program.  We were living just like missionaries  and learning just like missionaries.  There is a great spirit in the MTC....and now there are lots of wonderful Sister Missionaries!!

Missionary Tytan
Our grandchildren are so excited about our mission, they want to come with us.  We were able to meet some of the Parents of our fellow missionaries when we spoke in church on the 16th of June.  The Brockbanks and Roths were there, We were told that there are three Missionaries in the MTC right now heading for the D.R.Congo.  We can't wait!!!