Sunday, April 5, 2015

A New Year 2015

     January 2015 brought again turmoil and riots in Kinshasa! The president of DRC was wanting to do a city wide census before his election next year.  All the Congolese knew this was just a ploy to prolong the election so he could stay in longer.  Their constitution says that he cannot run again for president. We have heard that it isn't Kabila so much that wants to stay in as president but it's those that work for him that want to keep their jobs and positions.  So the Parliament was meeting the first part of January to decide on this census.  Many people were demonstrating which quickly changed into rioting when the police get involved.  So for us and the missionaries we were to stay in our apartments.  It lasted four straight days that the mission was to stay in.  Hoping that the missionaries had their extra food supply teaching them THIS IS WHY WE STORE EXTRA FOOD!  It's so easy for them to eat their food supply and not save !  The parliament met and voted against the census and life went on!  January brought a new experience for Bryce and I.  We were able to attend the dedication of one of the water wells that our Humanitarian missionaries the Johnsons work on.  This was such a neat thing to see how the church goes into these sectors or neighborhoods and digs a well and provides clean water at a small fee (to help play for repairs).  The whole sector comes out for these dedication of the wells.  When the ribbon was cut by the govt official and the church representive they pump the well and every one is given a glass of clean water.  I never appreciated clean water until now. How blessed we are!  The next week President Cook flooded the sector with missionaries to contact those about the church which they all knew us because of the well and many receive the missionaries and baptismal dates were set.
We got together with the few couples that are left here in Kinshasa for a New Year party at Delises!  We had wonderful food and played games.  We played this game that you had to bend down and pick up a bag up with your mouth or teeth and each round the bag was cut shorter and shorter until you were finally doing the splits.  Of course Sister Johnson who's 70 yrs young won with her finishing off doing the Chinese splits yikes!!! Unbelievable!!
We said good bye to Elder Mark and Sister Elaine Smith from Provo. They have been working with the PEF program for the last 18 months. They did such a good job they were able to train a local man to do their job so no one is coming to replace them.  We love them and appreciate all they did here in Kinshasa!  
I thought I would show you some pictures that we witness everyday in traffic.  I'm constantly squeeking  and squeeling as the President is driving!  Praying each morning to bless us with safety in driving has taken on a new meaning here!!! The first photo is Kinshasas local art work.  Actually these are mufflers and tail pipes that someone is advertising that he has! Haha
Here we are in traffic at a terrible roundabout or intersection. Those are the taxi buses that the people use for transportation.  They cram people into them!
January took us to Kisangani President Cook was hoping on this trip to organize the first branch there but there were still some things that had to be done by Temporal Affairs before we could organize it.  So we went to meet with the members and taught them about the organizations of the Church!  It was so interesting to me how much the Church has on to show exactly how the organizations run.  We sent 4 missionaries to Kisingani for the first time what a blessing this will be to the saints there and the whole community.  There are not many vehicles in Kisangani so motorcycles or bikes are the main transportation.  We have seen a family of four plus the driver on one of these motor taxis before!!
Here is a pous-pous ( like a big wheelbarrow ) moving furniture.  They use these to move everything !
Brother and Sister Logo took us around to visit some of the new members. This Sister lives out in the village.
They also showed us a new school that the Chinese had built in Kisingani out in the village. Which was very nice for the local children compared to what they had before!
Here is where the school was before!

We were definitely in the village here! Here is one of their homes! It's made with Adobe brick and mud.
Showing how they even dry their clothes
We were a real novelty here the children weren't real sure if they wanted to come by me to have a picture taken.
 From here we went to the river to see what Kisingani is famous for!  They build a scaffolding across the river where the falls are and each family places a large basket on the scaffolding to catch fish. It really is quit ingenuous if I don't say so myself.  Here one man is checking his basket to see if there are any fish in it!
 Here are some of the members and fishermen that met us at the Falls.
It was so nice to visit some of the sites in Kisangani. When we come next time President will start the new branch!!