Monday, December 29, 2014

Mission President's Seminar Nov/2014

We always look so forward to going to Johannesburg especially me!! These come up every 6 months!  I can honestly say time has flown by.  We left Sunday afternoon and this time our plane was not canceled yeah!!!!  It's about a five hour flight on a nice South African airline.  In Joburg a haircut and color, a bathtub, beautiful clean hotel and mall, and wonderful food and friends await us.  The meetings didn't start until Tueday so that only gave us Monday to go to the temporal affairs offices, distribution center, and African shopping ( which by the way didn't happen)!  Meetings were held at the Hyatt Hotel from Tuesday through Thursday and we were to leave to go back to Kinshasa early Friday morning.  So not much time for relaxing.  But it was wonderful and appreciate all the Area Presidency and their wives do for this.  I was asked to lead the music Sister Hamilton took this picture of me leading the music with the picture if the Savior behind me!
Here is dad and I enjoying the great talks and information ! And sharing ideas with the other Mission Presidents.
Here is the whole group of Mission Presidents of the Africa SE Area and the Area Presidency.
This mission president seminar they planned a mini safari. It was like a petting zoo but no one wanted to pet these animals. There were lions and tigers and bears oh my!!! Here's the lions 
And zebras !!
And Red Hartebeest Oh My!!!
Then there were wild dogs right by the brown striped hyena
           This just gave us a taste of a real safari that we are going to in a few months.  We love having the opportunity to go to South Africa and to renew our commitment to help the Work move along here in Africa. Now back to the real world and sprint our last 6 months.!