Thursday, March 19, 2015

Christmas 2014

We started our Christmas Devotional with meeting everyone in the S and I building.  Each Zone was to perform a Christmas song.  It was wonderful and put us right into the Christmas season!
We then watched the First Presidency' Christmas Message.
is always a treat to see and hear the First Presidency and the Tabernacle Choir.  We then had the missionaries that were going home bare their testimonies.  We served a nice chicken and fries dinner and watched the DVD that the AP's had put together of pictures of all the Elders and Sisters serving in our mission.  We are giving each one of them a copy of this for Christmas. Here are some of the Elders who were going home helping with Sister Jacky wrapping up the socks and ties for the missionaries from our Stake back home!
Merry Christmas to All from the missionaries from the Kinshasa DRC Mission

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