Thursday, July 24, 2014

24th of July in the Congo

We visited one of the two new cities that have been put in our mission Kananga DRC.  This was very exciting because we have 26 new missionaries that we went to meet!  They are great Elders! Here they are 900 miles from the mission office and are teaching and obedient.  There is no couple there to help them!
As we arrived to Kananga this was what we saw at the church. Wow! 29 baptisms
Kananga is about 100,000 people ( no one knows how many) but it's smaller than Kinshasa !  Not many cars!  It was very quiet ! Here is a picture of their baptism font notice the pipe from the roof that funnels rain water into the font!  It was tin and welded together to stone posts.  It works!!!
The next day Sunday we attended church.  RS was first and was held outside at the back of the church.  There the lesson was given on the Holy Ghost.  As the teacher was teaching us outside with a chalkboard the only had three legs.  I couldn't understand very much but the Spirit was so strong on that foggy Sunday morning
Across the lawn in the back of the church hung the 29 baptismal clothes hanging up to dry.  How pleased Heavenly Father must have looked down on this little part of the world and smiled.
Here is the church we attended in Kananga. The members were wonderful with entire families attending!
Monday morning was the missionaries P-Day they were playing soccer while the President interviewed each one.  See how foggy it is!
On the side of the road right by where the Elders were playing were these women who wanted to met a white lady.  They came over to our AP and asked if they could talk to me so I went over and met them and took this picture.  They don't see many white people in this remote area of DRC! We were quite a novelty.
After this we headed to the airport to fly back to Kinshasa after we had been there two hours they said the plane wouldn't be here for another three hours. Asked why the plane was late they just said" it's here when it's here"! So I knitted and the President was off doing this -riding a bike of one of the workers at the airport!  He was trying to convince the Elders that they could ride bikes in Kananga!  We wasn't very convincing. The Elders said riding bike would give them hemorrhoids.
We look pretty good for only having bucket showers in Kananga, no electricity, and Congolese food!  Another African experience!
Here is the kind gentleman that let president Cook ride his bike

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