Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kisingani DRC

We went home for a few days and then it was off again to Kisingani.  Kisingani is almost three hour flight.  That's like from SLC to Chicago!  Here there is a recognize Group that meets every Sunday.  This city was also in the Lubumbashi Mission.  Brother and Sister Logo are the couple that is organizing and helping the people there.  They have only been members for two years and they are wonderful !  They both work in the government in Kisingani .  They met us at the airport
We went directly to the building that the Kisingani group meets at and there was such a wonderful group of people waiting for us.
President Cook was told by Bro Logo that there were so many people who wanted to be baptised so we brought our APs and office secretary Aime to help with the teaching and interviewing.  Aime is a Bishop here in Kinshasa so president knew he would know what questions to ask for baptism. Plus the legalized marriage is a real issue here in DRC.  People just aren't married legally sometimes because of the cost, sometimes it's just a hassle so they aren't always married so they can't be baptised until they are.  Notice the little women in the blue chair.  She has no arms (just stubs) and no legs.  She told us that she was married but her husband left her and her three children.  She has been meeting here at church for several months and now wants to be taught and be baptised. Her name is Joyful! So the president divided the group up into three groups,Elder Kolonji taught the ones who spoke Lingula, Elder Mukadi taught the another group who only spoke Swahili , and president Cooks group spoke french.  They began to teach them the missionary lessons for two days.  I played with the children and youth showing them pictures on my iPad and playing charades trying to converse with's hilarious but somehow I can get my thoughts over to them.
By Sunday 32 were ready to be baptised!  Since there was no baptismal font the river was the next best thing.  Also they had no baptismal clothes so Aime took me with him to the open market and we found white pants and shirts.  We met at the church building and bused everyone over in mini vans to the river.  This isn't the Congo river but a tributary of it.  There was a beautiful and calm place the Logos found that was perfect.
Because there were so many to be baptised President Cook divided them up into three groups again and had one of the Elders and two local brethren do the baptizing 
As I stood there and watched each group being baptised I was watching history being made.  They were so happy and thrilled to finally be taught and be baptised.  Even our little Joyful was joyful as she was being carried down to the river by her sister.
Here she after she has been baptized
Here is the whole group just before they were baptized
This was a very special trip for me and hopefully we can return to Kisingani.

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