Thursday, July 10, 2014

The 4th of July in Kinshasa

It was very difficult to tell President Cook that it was a holiday on the 4th of July. We never know what day it is!  So what a surprise when Sneddons had made a reservation for us to go to with them to the American Embassy's 4th of July picnic!  It was held out on the lawn of the Ambassador's  home on a beautiful well groomed yard.  I said to the President you need to be an Ambassador !  Private pool, tennis courts nothing that I had seen in Kinsasha. There were two important people that we there.  President Cook recognized the first celebrity Dikembe Mutomba.  He plays basketball for NBA for Houston and now plays for Altanta.  He was the best to let us take pictures with him. He is known for that finger wagging after he stuffs the ball or blocks the basket!
This is the best picture. Here is Elder and Sister Sneddon with him.  He said when I took this picture to not cut off his head. It was difficult to get his head and the Sneddons haha He looks like a giant next to them!
The other celebrity was Vice President's Biden's wife Jill.  She was in Kinshasa doing some work with women in Africa .  This is Brother Ellsworth shaking hands with Dr. Biden he is American who works at the American Embassy.  He is a member of the church and is here with his family.  The man across from him is the Ambassador. 
the food was great !!  hamburgers and potato salad can it get any better than that? We all commented that we hadn't been around so many white people in along time! But the best was sitting under " Old Glory" and looking up at it and saying a quiet thank you for our blessed homeland.  God bless America takes on a new meaning to us here in Africa!
Desserets were all decked out in Red White and Blue!  It was a wonderful day!
Here is the Ambassadors beautiful home in Kinshasa and Sister April Ellsworth

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