Saturday, July 27, 2013

 Today was the first baptism that we have been able to attend.  The two gentlemen in the colored shirts are the ones that got baptised.  As they stood in the water I remembered it was probably next week that JC (our grandson)is to be baptised, or soon thereafter. I asked the two, Alexander and Olivier, where there family and friends were?  They said their family had no interest, were discouraging and that they would be the first to join the church and pave the way for other family to come. I told them we were there for them. Today we will stand in for there families. Our JC would understand, he will have lots of family there for him, and in spirit we will be there too!!  Thanks JC for understanding.
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  1. I love following your post/blog. JC will understand and know you are serving the Lord.
    Karen Johnson

  2. Aunt Carol! I am finally checking in to your blog! Forgive me for taking so long:( ..Yes...JC will understand.! Love seeing your posts and blog! You look like you are doing well! Love all the pictures!

  3. So interesting to see the photos. Thanks for sharing. Love you.