Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our First Trip to Cameroon

Here we are in Yaounde Cameroon with our American missionaries and Elder and Sister Whitesides.  It was so fun to meet these Elders.  Elder and Sister Whitesides are from Layton UT.  How wonderful to have the Whitesides in Yaounde to take care of these Elders for us.  We held a "Meet the President " conference and all the Elders had to tell alittle about themselves and why do they think Heavenly Father sent them to this mission. It was especially wonderful to get to see Elder Zurcher from Providence.  We know him and his family he's our Kjersty's age and went to school with her.  All these Elders looked wonderful and well.  They have very nice and comfortable apartments which made me feel better. the picture looks alittle bright because 10 cameras were going off at the same time.  It looked like the 4th of July!! 
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  1. I am thrilled that I found your blog! I love you both and have not stopped thinking of you. Kjersty & Chris gave wonderful talks in our sacrament meeting. You would have been so pleased. We think of you and pray for you each day. Karol, I cried when I read of the people singing with GUSTO. I know you are both serving with gusto. All my love, Tamra Neilson

  2. Sis. Cook--I'm so happy to have found your blog. My son is Elder Hatch, currently serving in Yaounde'. He is happy to be serving! I look forward to seeing and hearing more about the DR Congo-Kinshasa Mission through your blog.
    AnneMarie Hatch