Saturday, July 6, 2013

President Cook welcomed by the office staff

 This is Pascal's son, isn't he darling? They are going to Johannesburg to be sealed this next week. Well, we made it through the first week! We simply follow Aime and go where he tells us to go.  It has been a week to remember.  Meeting all the Elders and Sisters and hearing their stories has been a very humbling experience.  My first tears were shed when the first zone stood and sang the opening hymn.  I couldn't believe the harmony and" gusto" they sang with. It was a primary chorister's dream! I have been writing down all of their testimonies for us so we can learn their names and histories. They are Elders and Sisters of faith, most have lost at least one parent and many have only been a member a short time.


  1. Ha ha ha, President Cook is still Grandpa Cook. What a sweet boy.

  2. Apparently you didn't have to throw your shoe at these young elders and sisters to get them to sing either! They look wonderful to us, and you look like you're doing great :)