Monday, May 12, 2014

Things carried on their heads/Mission President Seminar

The first thing one will notice coming to Congo is how everyone carries things on their heads.  Carrying things on their heads, the women have the most perfect posture and balance.  It's amazing what they carry. Here are a few examples. Here is man carrying baskets
Here is a man wood planks
Here is a boy carrying plastic bags of water selling through traffic in between cars passing by
This is one of my favorite pictures here a man is selling shoes.  He puts one shoe on top of his head to advertise he's a shoe salesman !! 
Here is a lady carrying her plastic blue chair on her head this is hard to tell sorry!
Here is another shoe salesman ! We have had an exciting month of May.  Bryan our son graduated from Duke University with his MBA. We are so proud if him and were able to see his graduation on you tube amazing.  He received the Fuqua Scholar award for being in the top 10% of his graduating class. So proud of him.
The other fun event this month was going to Johannesburg for our Mission President seminar. We are fortunate to be able to go twice a year for this training.  It's so helpful to be taught by our Area Presidency and the other Mission Presidents in our Area. President Renlund who has been the Area President after 5years in Africa has received a new assignment back in Salt Lake City.  So this is the last we will see him here in Africa.  Everyone has loved working and knowing Elder and Sister Renlund.  They are wonderful. Best wishes to them they will be missed !
We had a marvelous time with all the mission Presidents and their wives. We ate, compared stories and came home better prepared and excited to put into practice what we learned.  Here are the Merrill's from Angola we love them!
Here are President and Sister Wood from the Capetown Mission
Here are Elder and Sister Hamilton from the Area Presidency. They are the best
Here are the Area Presidency's wives Sister Hamilton ,Sister Cook, and Sister Renlund
Here is  our Area Presidency sorry the picture blurred on me.
Here are the Adams president of Madagascar, the other Bryson Cooks serving in Zimbabwe, the McMullins serving in the DRC Lubumbashi mission and President and Sister Kretly serving in Mozambique mission ( which is all Portuguese) Amazing people amazing country!! Love to all

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  1. I need to learn to balance a chair on my was to take to all of Tytan's sports! You guys are the best to watch all of Bryan's graduation. We sure missed you. How fun to be in South Africa with the Area Presidency and other Mission Presidents. I bet that's even better than EFY ;). Love you!