Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crossing the Congo

 Our days are number in the crossing of the Congo, once the mission is divided we will not be crossing the river.  So I thought I would share with you some of our experiences with this mighty river.  We are able to cross on a private motor boat which is so much nicer than the Congolese have to cross on a ferry. You can see how good it feels to have the wind blowing and cool off alittle.  The river is very fast moving, I was so surprise!  All along the river there are big clomps of grass and weeds just floating down the river.  Once we saw a dead animal I don't know what is was and I didn't WANT to know!!  It takes us about 10-15 minutes to actually cross the river. But to go through all of the formalities because we are crossing into a different country it can take an hour on each side.  I want all my swimming students to notice that I have on my life jacket !  "Don't just pack it wear your jacket"!  When we take missionaries across the river they are so frighten of the river.  None of them know how to swim and they have many drownings of people in Kinshasa and Brazzaville !
Here is a picture at the "Beach" there is no beach ! They are being loaded by the thousands on to the huge ferry!
This picture of the ferry crossing is filled with people from the DRC who have been evicted from Brazzaville Congo.  It is so interesting that the people of these two countries only a river dividing them do not get along and theirs is a history of wars.  These people have been living in Brazzaville for years and now are being kicked out leaving their homes and jobs and are being sent to DRC.
Here are our Aps and our Sister Trainers crossing the Congo . They are the best!! 
Here is the skyline of Kinshasa from the boat on the Congo. Sorry it's so light!
Here is the view of Brazzaville the capital of Republic of Congo and the headquarters of the new mission from the boat.  The big round tower is Brazzaville focal point.  I will miss crossing this river.
Further down the river near a town called Matadi the rapids are huge on the river.  They could really cash in on the white river rafting rides if their weren't so afraid of the water!  These pictures were taken from the little Indiana Jones airplane!  What an adventure!!
We crossed the river this morning and I took some more pictures.  Here is the "Beach" on the Kinshasa side
Here is a better picture of the skyline on the Kinshasa side
Here is another ferry empty
Here are the clomps of grass I was telling you 
Here is a picture of the "Beach" on the Brazzaville side
Here they are dredging the sand out of the harbor
Here the "houseboat" that the workers live in that work on the dredging or at the "Beach"


  1. Great photos and interesting details. That cooling breeze as you crossed must have been heavenly, your expression tells all! Best Wishes to you.

  2. Love your photos!! What an experience! We finish our mission in 6 weeks! Hard to believe! Love you guys!