Thursday, February 6, 2014

The New Year Brings Baptisms

Isn't this wonderful?  Going to a baptism is my favorite thing to do.  During the month of January we had 127 baptisms in ONE WEEK!!!!!  We personally went and saw 27 of the 127 be baptised that week.  Our Elders and Sisters never have problems finding people to teach.  So many just show up at church on a Sunday and want to "pray" with us and finally get baptised after they have been taught by the missionaries.  President Cook even loves to go grocery shopping with me because he takes off and finds someone to talk to about the Church.  Everyone stops him and asks what does his badge say and they end up in a great 1st discussion.  We didn't travel very much during January our visas expired after 6 months and needed to be renewed.  Aime our office helper was so excited when he told us that the government had renewed our visas until 2019 ???What I said?? President Cook got that twinkle in his eye thinking for sure NOW we can stay for 3 years....hmmm

Well it finally  happen!  Teaching the Elders and the sisters in Douala Cameroon to crochet.  Sister Gailey organized all the young women in Douala to come to the church and learn how to crochet.  We had to teach  Elder Masse to crochet because he was our interpreter how was he going to translate for us if he didn't know how to do it!! Haha (at least that's what we told him).  We were so surprise how quickly they all caught on.  It was the best two hours !!!  Here are all the senior missionaries and other Americans who work here in Kinshasa on New Years Day at a restaurant that is owned by a member.  We had a lovely time together.  You can see they reserved the whole restaurant just for us!!


  1. I am loving seeing the pictures and the news. Keep them coming.

    1. Oh my goodness how wonderful to hear from you Kjersty told me you came by. Miss you so karol

  2. I'm so glad you were able to teach a crochet class haha!

  3. only you Karol....only you could get people in Africa to knit and crochet....I'm impressed!