Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas from DRC Kinshasa Mission

 This is our missionaries that are serving in the city of Kinshasa.  It was a beautiful sunny hot day! These are only three of our Senior Couples L to R  Sneddons, Cooks, Smiths, and the Gates.

Here we are celebrating Christmas in Yaounde Cameroon. Elders Roth, Porter and Hunt showed us their talent with Sister Whitesides.  Our Yaounde Elders are showing off their new ties that were given to them from our home stake the River Heights Stake. They were so grateful and wanted everyone in the stake a big "Thank You". Elder and Sister Whitesides are the Best.

Here is about the most Christmas decorations that we saw in Kinshasa
Here are the first Elders that have stayed at the mission home.  They were allowed to stay longer for Elder Bednar.  They are also showing their new Christmas ties!  Notice our first American Elder ever allowed into the DRC Elder Graham.  President Cook was able to get his flight for going home out of the Kinshasa airport so he could be here for Elder Bednar also.
Here are our wonderful Elders serving in Douala Cameroon. Showing their Christmas ties too.  Thanks to Elder and Sister Gailey for all they do for these Elders we couldn't do it without them.
Last but not least a wonderful Christmas Zone Conference was held in Pointe Noire Republic of Congo.  Christmas ties and socks were loved by all.  A big thanks goes out to Elder and Sister Bybee for filling-in at Pointe Noire
Here are Santa's Elves packaging up the socks and ties for all our Elders and scarves for our Sisters.  These are our Assistants and Sister Trainers they are Awesome!!! Thanks for your help.
This was so fun ! Each missionary was given their Christmas gifts(Ties and socks or Scarves) You should have seen their talent show! It was African all the way!!!
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