Monday, October 21, 2013

Modes of travel this month

.This has been quite a month of traveling different forms of transportation .  First it was a fifteen seater bush plane on our way to Matadi DRC.  We sat right behind the pilot and president Cook said "it couldn't get any better we're in first class!"  It was a 45 minute flight following the Congo river all the way down.  Then President Cook thought we needed still more excitement so we rode the bus from Douala to Yaounde Cameroon a normal 4 hour bus ride through the jungle.  It started great until I it got dark and rainy and bumpy (because we choose to sit on the back bench-more leg room) and then then traffic hit and it took 6 hours!!!! Sister Cook wasn't a happy camper. And last we rode our first taxi.  Bryce went and put on the seatbelt like a good traveler and he had a permanent imprint of the dirty seatbelt on his suit when he took it off.  I guess no one wears their seat belts in taxis in the DRC.  But all in all it's been quite an adventure.  This month also we had to speak at a stake conference in Brazzaville . There wasn't a building large enough so they held it outside under tents.  It was amazing how many came.  It felt like a ground breaking ceremony.  Here is president Cook speaking he looks more like the president of the country than the mission.  We always love seeing all the beautiful dresses the sisters wear here is one of my favorites.


  1. That is amazing. You both look so good, so happy.

  2. Love reading your amazing adventures. Thoughts and prayers for the work and the beautiful people you serve! From your old pal, Debbie Lisle

  3. Now this sounds like an adventure. You are looking good and I, too, love to see the beautiful dresses. Love all that bright color.