Saturday, August 24, 2013

First trip to Johannesburg

We had a wonderful 4 days in Johannesburg .  I died and went to heaven.  A bath tub in the hotel that I could actually sit in clean water was heavenly.  In fact I took 2 baths a day !  We spent our first free day walking through the mall that was attached to the Hyatt hotel got our hair cut, went shopping in a grocery store stored up and filled our suitcase!!! We spent 2 full days in training. I think the Area Presidency does this after we have been in our missions for 6weeks and we know what they are talking about and what questions we need to ask haha. Here we are at the Area Presidency's home which is right by the Temple and the Mission Offices.  The temple was closed for repairs. There were the seven new mission presidents and their wives it was so fun to see them again.  Look at that blue sky the first we have seen one.  Kinshasa is kind of smoggy right now.  It was actually cold in Johannesburg .  Still no container!! I'm still wearing the same 5 outfits.  But then so is the President!!!!


  1. I think there is a new mission president out there - President Zackrison. (Maybe in the background of your picture). :) But he was a bishop of one of my wards at BYU. If you see him again you can tell him hi for me. Small world :)

  2. It's amazing the small things we take for granted. Clean water is definitely one of mine. Holy cow. I can't even imagine.

  3. You look great! I love seeing the photos just so I know you are ok. The orphanage school was an eye opener. We are so spoiled! Take care.