Thursday, February 28, 2013

The call

It was 2am (for some of our children) when we opened (or Greg opened) the call. Canada? France? Jersey City New Jersey French Speaking (that would be a dream come true). When the call was read silence fell over the line (which is seemingly impossible with 7 people on the line). After all the gasps and hands on the foreheads, the googling began and continues to this very day.

All of the children have already started looking at flights (you're right, you can't get rid of us) and we are so excited for you (just like everyone else--because it's not us!).

Be sure to download the blogger app to your phone so you can upload photos quickly and keep us posted on what is going on. This is a way for us to all experience the Congo together. We can't wait! Love you tons and miss you already but we are sure you will make new friends!!

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